At Putney Hill Dental Practice we are well renowned for providing treatment under sedation for an affordable cost. The technique involved the introduction of a drug which makes you feel relaxed and removed your anxiety. This is carried out by our dentist Dr Munir Ravalia, BDS MFDS RCS Pain Management and Sedation (Eastman), Medical Diploma Clinical Hypnosis. For our online brochure click here.

We accept referrals from other dentists as well as self-referrals from patients. We understand the nervousness that comes with the dentist and the extra help that is needed either through sedation or clinical hypnotherapy.  Please email us at info@putneyhilldentalpractice.co.uk.


  • Assessment required for all patients : £50
  • IV Sedation + Routine Extraction : £250
  • IV sedation + Surgical Extraction : £350
  • IV sedation + Specialist Periodontist : Estimates subject to assessment
  • IV sedation + DWSI Endodontist : Estimates subject to assessment
  • Restorative Treatments : Estimates subject to assessment
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy : £80 per 45 minute consultation
  • Oral Premedication : £75 plus treatment
  • IV sedation : £250 per hour plus restorative treatment

Periodontal treatment is the treatment of gum disease which is a condition which affects bone and gum which support the teeth. This condition can lead to loss of teeth as the bone and gum deteriorate. The most concerning part of gum disease is that it is irreversible and that sufferers feel no symptoms. Periodontal treatment involves targeting the cause of this condition by arming our patients with the tools to combat it on a day to day basis with a bespoke regime of maintenance. As well as this, the Periodontist will work with the hygienist and the dentist to provide you with care which will aim to treat the disease and even correct cosmetic imperfections caused by gum disease.

Implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. A post is planted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth.

This acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support fixed bridges or dentures. Implant treatment normally has two stages.

First, the implant is placed in the jaw. Then, when the jaw has healed, replacement teeth are attached to the implant. In some situations it is possible for temporary teeth to be attached to an implant at the time of fitting.


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