We are delighted to offer a range of facial aesthetic treatments to the same exacting standards as its dental care, these include; Wrinkle Relaxing, Dermal Fillers

state of the art digital scanner

Thanks to our innovative technology we are able to show you exactly how your new smile will look at the end of your treatment

we also offer facial aesthetics treatments too. Whether that’s wrinkle relaxation or dermal fillers, we are able to offer you expert opinion on treatment that is best for you.

When you begin your smile journey with us

start your smile journey

lipfillers and botox

see results in as little as 6 months


happy to pose for a photo

intraoral scanner we can see every teeny tiny detail about each of your teeth

Invisalign dentist Alice Britto


Invisalign to straighten, composite bonding to refine the tooth shape, and whitening to complete the treatment

Invisalign, whitening and composite edge bonding

Invisalign to straighten, Composite Bonding, Tooth Whitening

Invisalign treatment, tooth whitening and finished off with expertly placed Composite Bonding

small white patches on this lovely gentleman‘s teeth were treated using a non-invasive simple technique called ICON


take-home tooth whitening. Only £199

Invisalign, Whitening, Composite Bonding


Tooth whitening

Invisalign again

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