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General Dentistry


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As a General Dental Practice, we provide high quality general dental care for all the family. This covers routine healthcare assessments of the mouth and surrounding structures along with more routine maintenance such as hygiene care and fillings and crowns. This is carried out by our long-standing dentists who will greet you with high-end expertise and a warm smile.

Our Lovely hygienists are the key to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile gleaming. We find that a regular hygienist visit means that your teeth and gums need less maintenance over time. We also understand the link between gum disease, heart disease and diabetes, and we strive to make sure your gum health is well looked after.

We use the latest in natural white filling materials that blends in with your teeth and enhances your smile The fillings are bonded (glued) in with the latest technology to ensure they look great and function well for years to come.

A crown or Onlay is a cover that is placed over a tooth and held in place by dental adhesive or cement. Crowns and onlays can be made from a variety of materials. We choose the strongest and most natural looking so that they can harmonise with the mouth. We make sure to choose the most minimally invasive material in order to protect your tooth.

A bridge is a method of replacing a missing tooth. It involves using the teeth adjacent to a gap as a support for the replacement of a missing tooth. There are various types of bridge, and we adopt all the different types based on which I best for our patients. This can range from trimming the supporting teeth for a crown-like support to simply sticking a prosthetic tooth to the supporting tooth.

Dentures are surprisingly common, and are removable false teeth which are used to replace missing teeth. They can either replace a few teeth or the complete set of teeth. Though implants are the more modern method of replacing teeth, sometimes they may not be appropriate. In these instances, there are removable prosthetic teeth which can be made out of a variety of different materials to suit each patient’s needs.

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the pulp tissues from the tooth in the event that it gets infected or inflamed. Removal of the infected or inflamed pulp is the first step in saving the tooth. Debris within the canals is removed by flushing with an anti-bacterial solution. The canals are finally filled or sealed and the tooth restored to full shape and function by either a permanent filling or a crown.

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