How much does it cost for Invisalign?

How much does it cost for Invisalign? 3 reasons why it’s a difficult question to answer.

We always get asked about the cost of Invisalign and we usually are able to quote prices from £2650. If you speak to our team we find being more specific without seeing you, knowing how straight you want your smile to be or how many teeth need to be straightened difficult. Other reasons why is it so difficult to answer the question how much does it cost for Invisalign are below. 

Reason 1.

Invisalign costs can vary as there are different types of Invisalign.

The two main types are Invisalign GO and Invisalign. Invisalign GO allows us to just move the front five teeth whereas Invisalign allows us to move the back teeth as well.

Reason 2.

Invisalign moves your teeth with clear aligners. The more aligners you need, the more crowded or spaced your teeth are and also the more expensive it is.

Reason 3.

Invisalign once completed will leave you with beautifully straight teeth. Once we do this we will have to keep the teeth in the correct position. This is done with removable retainers and fixed retainers. Some smiles are suitable for both which is the best option, some because of your bite, are not and thus the cost will be different.

Invisalign is a great way of straightening your teeth, it is clear, discreet and can be taken out for meetings and presentations. They are easy to clean and allow you to clean your teeth without any difficulty unlike normal braces.

We offer Free Consultations with our Invisalign dentist Alice Britto for exactly these reasons. Alice is very experienced at providing Invisalign and has been producing beautiful Invisalign smiles for over 10 years and uses a 3D scan to simulate your new smile immediately. Please call us on 02087882727, email us on or click here to book online.

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Many people are nervous of the dentist, If you are the same we have some things you can do to help to deal with your dental anxiety as well as help from us at Putney Hill Dental.

If you are feeling fearful of visiting the dentist you can ask to speak to the team beforehand. Our friendly team in Putney will help reassure you and we always respect your boundaries and concerns. The below are some ways to calm your nerves before going to a dentist or during your dental visit.

Meet the team

It may help your dental phobia if you pop in and have a chat with our team without having a dental appointment. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the people (we are just people!) and the dental practice.

Gone are the days when the practice smells like the dentist, now we have relaxing diffusers spreading calming scents into the waiting area.

Start small

Start with smaller treatments or an examination first. It’s a good way of getting used to the dentist. Whilst seeing the dentist focusing on on 5 things you can see and 4 things you can hear to help relax and distract you.

Positive thoughts 

Focus on the positive goals of treatment and the benefits it will have despite being nervous about the dentist whether it’s from a health or cosmetic point of view.

Be in control of your dental anxiety

At Putney hill dental, Putney we put you in control and you can stop treatment any time you decide. We work with you to have hand signals so we know when to stop.

Can Clinical hypnosis help with my dental phobia?

Clinical hypnosis is a technique of deep relaxation meant to modify your fear of the dentist. Our dentist Munir Ravalia lectures, teaches and has a published paper in this field. We will be talking about clinical hypnosis in upcoming blog.

Can my dentist give me something to reduce my dental anxiety?

Yes we can! We normally recommend dental sedation. This is a safe and proven technique to help you have dental treatment with no pain and has an amnesiac effect meaning that you don’t remember the treatment afterwards.

Dental sedation is a great way of helping you with your dental anxiety and helps you overcome triggers like needles or the dental drill.It can be given via gas and air, a tablet, a syrup or intravenously.

We do get asked the question can a dentist put you to sleep for fillings. The answer is yes with general anaesthesia in a hospital setting. There are however dangers in giving general anaesthesia and we would always try conscious sedation to relax and sedate you safely first.

What dental treatments are commonly carried out under sedation?

We find patients commonly want root canal treatments and extractions under sedation. These treatments tend to cause the most dental anxiety as they are potentially the most unpleasant.

Schedule an appointment with our sedation expert Dr Munir Ravalia who has been providing sedation for 15 years and writes papers and teaches on the subject. He is also a qualified dentist who carries out a full range of dentistry including a vast about of experience in removing teeth surgically and non surgically.

Call us on 0208 788 2727 or email on or book an appointment directly here.